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Paws with Heart was started because of a little Beagle at my local shelter that was either going to be euthanized or sold for research due to a lack of space. I was volunteering at the shelter at the time and I knew I had to do something to save him. A person working at the shelter at that time put me in touch with some rescue groups. After speaking with different rescue groups, I learned that there was so much more I could be doing to help shelter animals and that there were so many ways in which to help.

There are many reasons of why pets end up in shelters. The pet could have been lost and the owner never found them. The pet could have been hurt or just abandon somewhere. A pet owner may have died or moved away not making alternative arrangements for their pet. Some people buy a cute little puppy but when they get to be full size they don’t want them anymore. Changes in financial, marital status and having a new baby are also reasons why pets are taken to an animal shelter. There are many more reasons why people turn their pets in, but this gives you an idea why our pounds and animal shelter are full.


Paws with Heart is dedicated to helping people find their lost pets, helping people find a new home for their pets if a situation arises that they can no longer keep their pet, and providing public education on pet ownership. By doing this we hope to reduce the number of pets that unfortunately find themselves in animal shelters.


Owner Surrenders. We realize that occasionally, those who have pets are not able to keep them any longer. The decision to surrender a pet should not be taken lightly. We welcome any questions that you may have regarding this move. If you feel you must give up your pet, please consider letting us list your pet on the Internet. This is a wonderful option if you're willing to keep your pet until it can be adopted. Simply provide us with your contact information, a photograph of your pet, records that show that it is spayed or neutered and current on vaccinations, and your signed certification that the animal has no history of aggression toward people and then we'll list it. We've had excellent success with Internet listings, and while there's no guarantee, many animals find new homes.


Ontario's Animals for Research Act states that pounds must relinquish animals that they have held for at least 72 hours, if they receive a request from a registered facility. Many of the dogs and cats that are in rescues or foster homes have been rescued from these pounds and shelters before they have been sold for research or euthanized for lack of space.


“pound” means premises that are used for the detention, maintenance or disposal of dogs or cats that have been impounded pursuant to a by-law of a municipality or the Dog Owners’ Liability Act, but does not include any premises, or part thereof, that are not used by any person or body of persons, including the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or any society affiliated therewith, for the detention, maintenance or disposal of dogs or cats so impounded;

If you are looking to adopt a new pet please visit your local animal shelters and rescue groups


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